Welcome to D.C. Air & Seafood, we are a family owned and run company. Our facilities are located in Winter Harbor, Maine.

We buy our lobsters straight from the local lobsterman that harvest their lobsters from the crystal clear waters around Acaida National Park.

The companies lobster tanks located on site are designed to hold 60,000 pounds of fresh Maine Lobster, including designated sections for Jonah crab, another crustacean delicacy. Here at D.C. Air & Seafood we strive to maintain product quality and provide our customers with only the freshest Maine seafood.

The company is HACCP certified and FDA approved plus we are proud members of the Marine Stewardship Council (MCS). Our daily operations comply with Maine's Department of Environment Protection and the Maine Department of Health standards. At D.C. Air & Seafood our priority is consumer satisfaction and high quality seafood.  

Here is a few of our Wholesale lobster & crab options:

** Market pricing - call for details **

* Maine shippable lobster -  Chix, Quarters, Halves, 1 3/4, Selects

* Processors - Culls & damaged                                                         

* Live Jonah Crab                                                                                 

* Cooked/Picked lobster meat - Combined (TKC)                              

‚ÄčTails, claws & knuckles. Fresh or frozen available