Here is a few of our lobster & crab options:
** Market pricing - call for details **
* Maine shippable lobster -  Chix, Quarters, Halves, 1 3/4, Selects
* Processors - Culls & damaged                                                         
* Live Jonah Crab                                                                                 
* Cooked/Picked lobster meat - Combined (TKC)                              
​Tails, claws & knuckles. Fresh or frozen available

We consider ourselves as being one of the leading suppliers of fresh Maine lobsters and seafood. Using our own fleet of trucks that run on a regular basis to Boston, our dependable drivers get your product delivered on time and just as fresh as when it came out of the ocean.

With over 20 years experience in the seafood business

​we can expedite your wholesale trade, retail, processing,

national and international shipping needs.

Fresh Maine lobsters from the crystal clear waters of Acadia National Park and wild caught seafood from the East Coast and beyond can be on your menu today,

call to order now and enjoy the freshest seafood tomorrow.